General Information & FAQ

  1. Stay
  • Up to 60 days (extendable)
  1. Cost
  • Rp2.000.000
  1. With this visa you can
    1. Carry out activities related to emergency and urgent work to overcome natural disasters, major machinery breakdowns, or riots.
    2. Conducting activities related to tourism, and visiting friends or family.

  2. You must
    1. Comply with laws and regulations.
    2. Respect local customs, culture, and wisdom.
    3. Have sufficient living expenses while in Indonesia.

  3. Other information
    1. Staying in Indonesia over the period of your stay permit, engaging in prohibited activities, not complying with visa conditions,
      and/or not complying with Indonesian laws may result in you paying fines, being deported,
      and/or other legal charges.
    2. You are prohibited from selling goods or services.
    3. You are prohibited from receiving rewards, wages, or any similar from individuals or corporations in Indonesia.
    4. You are prohibited from working in an employment relationship with an individual or corporation in Indonesia.

  4. Document Requirement
    1. Passport valid for at least 6 (six) months (for holders of travel documents other than passports such as emergency passports, documents of identity, etc. must be valid for 12 months).
    2. Personal bank statement with minimum amount USD $2000 or equivalent the last 3 months period (including name, date of period, and balance account).
    3. A recent color photograph.
    4. Proof of guarantee from the guarantor
    5. Statement from government agency or private institution explaining the urgency of the foreigner's presence in overcoming the occurrence caused by natural disasters, damage of the main engine, or riots / protests that need to be handled immediately to avoid fatal losses for the company and/or the public.
  1. Visa Validity
    1. This visa must be used to enter Indonesia within a maximum of 90 days from the date of issue.
    2. Please note that the validity period of the visa is different from the period of stay, please check your visa for information on the period of stay.

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